Dr. Rusu Valentina

Orthodontics Specialist

She is always welcoming you with positive energy and is aware of the latest developments in Orthodontics.

Dr. Valentina Rusu assures you that you have the most modern treatments available - Invisalign and WIN Lingual Tehnique - so that no one can tell you are having orthodontic treatment!


Dr. Andreea Koncz

General Dentist

She is always happy and will make your visit a relaxed and pleasant one.  Dr. Andreea Koncz is a dedicated dentist, to whom dentistry is vocation and passion. She cares a lot, pays great attention to details and wants to get the best results in the end.

The way she speaks with patients and explains them every procedure helps them feel safe and come back with confidence each time.


Dr. Itu Razvan

General Dentist
Prosthetics Resident

Patience, meticulosity and professionalism are Dr. Itu Razvan's main traits. He analizes each treatment plan and gives 110% in order to achieve excellent treatment results.

Dr. Itu makes at the end of you appointment you will leave with a state of well-being.

Dr. Valeriu Rotarciuc

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Valeriu Rotarciuc is always cheerful and optimistic. He makes sure that he takes away all the fears you might have.

Passionat about what he does and the newest technologies in the field, Dr. Rotarciuc helps you obtain a healthy and flawless smile!

Dr. Ionut Sasarman

Dental Surgeon

Thanks to the experience and continuous improvement, Dr. Ionut Sasarman works with remarcable accuracy, achieving extraordinary results even in the most complex interventions.

A true professional, during the treatment you feel in good hands.

Celina Frentoii

Dental Office Manager

Celina puts passion into everything she does and her happiness is contagious.

For her there aren't situations that she cannot fix and patients that leave our clinic without a smile on their face, because of her patience and dedication.

She manages to empathise with patients and colleagues in a unique way, providing that energy, determination and perseverence are the ingredients for success.


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