Payment methods

Get a healthy smile whitout financial concerns!
We believe that orthodontic treatment should be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer 2 atractive payment possibilities!

Payment with the Star BT card

Up to 12 payments without interest

Payment directly at the clinic

Payment in equal rates, no interest, paid directly at our clinic.

Our prices vary depending on the complexity of the orthodontic treatment in order to achieve an excellent result and also depending on the type of orthodontic appliance you prefer (metalic, Saphire, lingual treatment or Invisalign).

After the initial consultation, we will present you with a personalised treatment plan and you will be informed about the full costs, so you will know what to expect before starting treatment.

In most cases, a payment in advance will have to be paid before starting treatment, followed by fixed accesible monthly payments.


Payment possibilities for all dental treatments:

- Cash or Credit Card

- Bank transfer

- 10 -15% discount for full payment before starting your dental treatment

- Discount for other family members starting treatment at the same time with you.

If you would like more information regarding payment possibilities at our Clinic, please contact us at 0746 341 613.


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