Prohibited foods

These are some of the foods that we advise you to avoid during your orthodontic treatment.
Please remember that a loose bracket means extra inconvenient repair appointments, additional charges and longer treatment time in braces. 

Please avoid the following:

Doritos, Nachos or any chip snacks

Pretzels (hard or soft)
Pizza crust
Hard french fries
Hard toast, hard bread rolls
Popcorn, nuts, pistachios, almonds, baked corn
Caramels, jerky, licorice, any chewy candy, candied apples, hard candy, lollipops
Any other hard or sticky foods

Do not bite into:

Hard candy
Lollypops / Candy Canes
Popsicles or any other frozen foods
Large hard raw fruits and vegetables (like apples and carrots) - cut the up first
Fruits with core (nectarine, peach, prum, cherry)
Chewing on ice is a definite No-No

Please give up vicious habits like sucking fingers, chewing nails, pens, pencils etc. 


What our patients say