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Clinica noastra stomatologica este dotata cu cele mai performante aparate si echipamente din domeniu. Clinica Stomatologica Rainbow Dent se mentine in topul celor mai performante clinici stomatologice la nivel european, prin calitatea actului medical. Pentru a ne pastra in top-ul celor mai buni specialisti, ne actualizam in mod regulat cunostintele prin dezvoltarea profesionala. Acest angajament fata de munca noastra si pacientii nostri duce la succesul activitatii de la Rainbow Dent.


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Complete treatments

 Adult treatments
Adult treatments

Dincolo de valoarea estetica a unui zambet frumos, sanatatea orala este foarte importanta pentru sanatatea generala a unui adult.

Children treatments
Children treatments

Pediatric Dental Procedures
We offer a wide range of children’s dental services to promote a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for your children. Call us today to learn more about our Pediatric Dental Treatments.

Dental tourism
Dental tourism

Rainbow Dent Clinic  will provide high quality treatments and a unique holiday through our dental tourism program!


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